Year Chance S-Series

Energy Saving and Environment Protection / Create Win-Win Situation

The energy-saving model is a trend in the plastic industry. This design can accomplish energy-saving, high efficiency, high stable operation and quiet working environment. We stay ahead of this field by anticipating market trends and making innovative breakthroughs to give our customers better tools. We, Year-Chance, own the best quality and the most competitive prices. Designers at Year-Chance machinery bare only one thing in mind as we do what we do. The S-series feature as below:

1. Energy Saving: greatly reduce cost consumption, lower water and electric costs.

2. High efficiency: high efficiency power system design, quick response, even low speed has high efficiency performance.

3. High stable operation: closed-loop control system, it is very suitable for precision molding.

4. Quiet: low noise

If you want to know the S-series specification, you could visit the other series and download the catalogues.