Year Chance MII-Series


01MII Two-plate injection machine, the length of which is over 20% shorter than toggle-type three-plate injection molding machine with same specification.

02In clamping system, there are four independent hydro cylinders exerting force on tie bat. Therefore, even if parallel precision of the mold is not enough, dimensional precision of the product can also be guaranteed to the greatest extent possible.

03Customized mold opening program is suitable for manufacturing deep-cavity products.

04Simple and automatic mold adjustment process; convenient and rapid mold change; moveable template base adopts linear orbit, which significantly reduces friction coefficients of template and machine surface and more precisely presents low-pressure protection function of the mold.

05Moveable template and tie bar adopt non-contact design, so that there will never be the problem of tie bar and template bush abrasion.

06There’s no machine hinge component worn down by high-frequency stress, so the repair and maintenance budget for long-term use of these components can be saved.

07The mechanism design of ejector pin driven by double oil cylinders solves the difficulty that central bumper bar must connect with the mold to take an enforced action of mold stripping.