1. Plural CPU can run different functions simultaneously. Several sets of 16 bit main CPU and 8-12 bit side CPU, high speed microprocessors control up to 40Mhz.
  2. Colored 5.7 inch or 10.4 inch TFT-LCD monitors, featuring 256 colors and resolution :640x480 pixels.
  3. Easy operation panel, engineer screen and help screen can run instructive learning, upper and lower limit for any preset value and necessary information.
  4. Temperature control proportional integral (PID) and add fuzzy, accuracy can be advanced within 0.25%.
  5. High-precision PWM system control, proportional pressure/speed control and developed servo valve fully.
  6. 50 or 100 internal molds memory can be deleted or reset as needed, 10 years retention even if it is not in operation.
  7. Hardware pressure and speed ramping control, reaction time is 0.001 second, 256 steps procedure. Injection holding pressure ramping and other motion ramping ? can be adjusted directly on screen to reduce effectively product's internal stress. Other program ramping can also be adjusted on engineer page to promote & smooth operation.
  8. SPC recording system designed is record and display the last 300 moulds cycle, it is good for quality control.
  9. SPC trend, bar graphics with standard interfaces of print out. Inner machine  connection program is easy for customer to control and management.
  10. Design of AC, DC power supply separated entirely removes effectively the interference and danger. Well ventilation reduces faults and extents longevity. ? ?Several languages are available for choice.
  11. 5- step injection, 4-step holding pressure, 3-step charge, 3-step back pressure. Speed and pressure are controller separately. (EASY9000 type 4-step injection)
  12. Pressure, speed can set 0.0 second, time can set 0.00 second.
  13. Injection compression molding has fully and partial compression pages.
  14. Min-Max percentage linear adjustment, easy correction pressure and speed.
  15. High-precision position control by linear sensor, proportional correction can direct Speed and pressure are controller separately. (EASY9000 type 4-step injection)Controller-System-01


Fuzzy logic temperature control converts the actual data into language values which can be compared to more accurate predicted language systems in order to attain performance which is closed to rational norms. This means that temperature can be kept at desired levels more quickly and accurately.


  1. self-diagnosing of the system when the power of the system is turned on.
  2. 4 stage linear sensor, 3 stage pressure checking.
  3. Ammeter gauge for pressure, speed & temperature
  4. Backing pressure release by manual optional
  5. Alarm for oil temperature is over heat and oil temperature control system
  6. Temperature control on barrel inlet and mold cooling water.
  7. Two sets of mold temperature control.
  8. Charge function can be injection finished or cooling finished.
  9. Injection bwd can be charge finished or cooling finished.
  10. Cooling time can be injection finished or charge finished
  11. Checking and alarm of heater band of thermocouple broken out ?Automatic mold adjustment with automatic high and low pressure setting.
  12. Automatic purge barrel function.
  13. Select kg/cm or PSI.
  14. Select mm and inch of the setting value and unit.
  15. Pre-heating operation can be set on a daily basis weekly a unit.
  16. Cycle of mold and packaged can be recorded parallel, production finished  can be alarm or reset to zero.
  17. Air blow function
  18. Single-phase socket
  19. Cold star of screw protection
  20. Core pull
  21. Alarm of shot count & rejecting product
  22. Transformer with copper platen static electricity prevent external interference