JSW JT40ELII-20V (2003) Vertical

JSW-JT40ELII-20V (2003) Vertical Electric Injection Molding Machine

JSW JT40ELII-20V (2003) 'Vertical'

{jb_brown}Electric Injection Molding Machine{/jb_brown}

Model: JT40ELII

Year : 2003

Screw diameter: 20mm

Injection Pressure: 177MPa

Shot volume: 20cm3

Clamping force : 392kN

Clamp stroke :  250mm

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Kawaguchi KM280C2 (1998)

Kawaguchi-KM280C20 (1998) Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Kawaguchi KM280C2 (1998) Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Model: KM280C2

Year : 1998

Screw diameter: 63mm

Shot Volume : 748cm3

Injection pressure: 1600kg/cm3

Clamping force : 280-Ton

Distance between tie bars: 610x610mm

Platen size: 910x905mm

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Toshiba EC160N-4A (2003)

Toshiba EC160N-4A (2003) Electric Injection Molding Machine

Toshiba EC160N-4A (2003) Electric Plastic Injection Machine

Model: EC160N-4A

Year: 2003

Clamping force: 160-Ton

Distance between tie bars : 560x510mm

The machine is in good working condition. Please contact us for more details and price.

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Sumitomo SE180DU-C450 (2005)

Sumitomo SE180DU-C450 (2005) Electric Injection Molding Machine

Sumitomo SE180DU-C450 (2005) Electric Injection Molding Machine

Mode: SE180DU-C450

Year : 2005

Screw diameter: 40mm

Injection spee: 300mm/sec

Clamping force : 180-Ton 

Distance between tie bars : 560x510mm

Overall platen size: 800x750mm

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JSW J180ELIII-140H UPS (2000)

JSW-J180ELIII-UPS (2000)

JSW J180ELIII-UPS (2000) Injection Molding Machine

Screw cylinder type: K

Screw diameter: 35mm

Injection pressure: 293MPa

Theoretical Injection capacity: 135cm3

Injection capacity: 123cm3

Injection rate: 770cm3/s

Injection speed: 800mm/s {jb_brown}(High Speed Injection Unit){/jb_brown}

Plasticizing rate:  76kg/h

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